My life at the time I sought out support at Hope was pure chaos, uncertainty, and a whole lotta pain and shame.  I was desperate for a change.  I needed something that would get to the root of all my problems;  something (or someone) that would diagnose the problem, prescribe the solution, and offer healing.  I found exactly that and so much more.  My time at Hope has pointed me exactly to what I needed – Jesus. The women at Hope have helped me to identify my pain, overcome the shame, bitterness and lies, and replaced it all with my true identity in Christ as a daughter of the most high: loved, accepted, and fully forgiven. Hope Pregnancy Care Center is a safe haven for any man or woman seeking healing, restoration, and hope.

Precious Hope Client

Hope Pregnancy Center has really helped me feel valued as a person.  My relationship with God has grown so much and I have gained so much confidence with being here and I know that I can be okay with whatever trials come my way because of the support I have received here! Love the whole staff here.


Having been part of the Hope family really helped my family. They are so nice, kind and educational.
Organized. I am very thankful because with their help it
Premitted me to take care of my baby in all the ways with
Enthusiasm and education; good values from Hope. Please continue supporting Hope because they help moms, dads and children in the struggles to have a bright, safe start.

Claudia, Hope Client

When I was in college my “safe sex” contraceptives I was given failed and I experienced an unplanned pregnancy. I was only given one option to take care of the problem. If a pregnancy care center like HOPE had been available, I could have received counseling and made an educated choice.


My first client at HOPE was a young, pregnant woman who wanted to apply for material assistance through Hannah’s Boutique, our baby and maternity resource room. With a toddler already in tow, she really needed a double stroller. I told her we did not currently have one and asked her not to get her hopes up because they were rarely donated. Much to our surprise, the very next day someone from the community had a few things they wanted to donate to HOPE…one of the items was a double stroller. Situations like this happen all of the time at HOPE.

– HPCC Client Advocate

Hope has been extremely supportive, and counseled me on how to be the best mom I can be through parenting classes. I have been given help to work out a budget for myself after the baby is born and Hope has given me confidence that I can be a single mom and do great. Hope has also given me valuable information on how my body has been developing and changing physically and emotionally. By going to Hope, I have met wonderful people and lifetime supportive friends.


Dear Mother Pearl:
On this Mother’s Day of 2006, I thought it was about time that I put some thoughts down on paper. I want to thank you for the most precious gift you could ever give a child – life. I know that it wasn’t easy for you to go this road alone without much support from family at such a young age that you were. However, if you had chosen to abort the pregnancy, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be able to say thank you, I wouldn’t be able to have met you and known you, and you wouldn’t have been able to know who I was or meet me either. In turn, there would be no Luke, no Tianna and no Jayda and the future generations that will come in time. What a precious gift you have given and what a wonderful sacrifice you made those many years ago. I just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!

Love, Your Daughter Lin

My favorite aspect of the Pregnancy Center included the information provided and the Earn While You Learn Program. I also greatly appreciate the resource of “Hannah’s Boutique” to buy clothes and other baby necessities. The Hope Pregnancy Care Center has been a Godsend for my baby-to-be and I. I have learned a wealth of information and appreciate the care and concern demonstrated by all members of the staff! Thank you very much!”

Amber and baby