We all know what God’s word says about sexual activity, but are you aware of what the world says? Many of us hear it saying, “Students should be on birth control because they are all having sex anyway, or waiting until marriage is just a religious thing”. But the truth is, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has found that 59% of our students are graduating high school without engaging in sex, and they acknowledge that the only 100% way to protect yourself from unplanned pregnancies or STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) is to abstain until marriage! During the months of November, December, April and May the Why Not team is teaching our students this information, along with educating them in the healthiest choice regarding their sexuality.

Our training for Why Not classroom presenters consists of three, two hour, sessions held at Hope Pregnancy Care Center.  If you would like information about any upcoming training sessions, please call the center at 435-656-5331 or come by and pick up a volunteer application.

2016-17 Program Statistics 

  • 76% of females and 67% of males made a commitment to abstinence.
  • 5% of females and 4% of males committed to renewed abstinence.